Oral History Tape Index

Tape # Date Name of Interviewee Date of Birth Place of Birth Occupation Key Affiliation Subject of Interview Interviewer
4 11/22/1987 Derektor, Nathan           Dr. Dan Oren
5 12/7/1987 Sachs, Louis 06/07/1893 New Haven Attorney     H.L.
5 12/7/1987 Barnett, Harry           H.L.
39 n.d. Haves, Hyman     Executive, ADL B’nai B’rith Reminiscences of New Haven
40 Dec-93 Shaw, Ronald     Executive, Pilot Pen     CNN
58 6/15/1998 Roth, Oscar     Physician   Life in pre-war Austria  
82 11/28/2001 Setlow, Herb 1913 New Haven Work clothes manufacturer B’nai B’rith, JF, JHS Growing up in New Haven RB
85 1/20/2002 Horwitz, Morton   New Haven Owner, dry goods store B’nai B’rith, JHS, Bikur Cholim Growing up in New Haven RB
86 1/21/2002 Bruskin, Sydney 1914 New Haven Owner, bike shop B’nai B’rith, JHS Growing up in New Haven, WW II reminiscences RB
87 2/13/2002 Einhorn, Joseph 1922 New Haven Lamp manufacturer   New Haven politics RB
88 2/15/2002 Press, Paul 1911 New Haven Owner, men’s clothing store NH and Yale RB
89 2/27/2002 Berman, Roz 1924 NY CT State Senator   NH politics Sally Horwitz
91 3/20/2002 Kramer, Sherman 1926 New Haven Printer B’nai B’rith, JHS Legion Ave RB
92 5/23/2002 Medvedow, Leon 1930 New Haven Printer   NH politics RB
96 6/24/2002 Horowitz, Bea 1916 New Haven   JHS, JHA Growing up in New Haven RB
99 8/18/2002 Fisher, Dr. David   Brooklyn, NY Physician JHS, Woodmont syn Woodmont syn RB
101 10/23/2002 Krass, Sidney   New Haven Real estate Chapel Haven Growing up in New Haven RB
108 3/4/2003 Russell, Joey 1920 Springfield, MA Entertainer ARMDI Growing up RB
115 9/16/2003 Posener, George 1911 New Haven Insurance agent BEKI, JHS Growing up in NH RB
123 12/16/2003 Fussiner, Howard     Artist   Growing up in New York RZ
124 12/22/2003 Dimow, Lillian           RZ
125 1/15/2004 Novenstein, Barry   Bridgeport, CT Dairy farmer   Being a farmer in Orange, CT RZ
127 4/14/2004 Mansfield, Harry 1924 New Haven Pawnbroker JWV, JHS Growing up in New Haven RZ
129 4/20/2004 Dimow, Joseph     Machinist   Union in New Haven RZ
132 6/4/2004 Goodwin, Paul (pt1) 1919 New Haven Owner of steel co. BEKI, B’nai B’rith, JHS Growing up in New Haven RB
135 8/12/2004 Horwitz, Tillie         Growing up in New Haven RZ
136 9/13/2004 Enson, Irving   New Haven Owner of men’s clothing store JHA, Tower’s Growing up in New Haven RB
141 10/26/2004 Webber, Malcolm 1916 Springfield, MA Director ADL ADL, B’nai B’rith Work with ADL, WW II RB
142 10/28/2004 Ludwig, Violet 1929 New Haven Office manager JHS, BEKI Her life in New Haven RZ
145 11/14/2004 Fleischman, Gary   Rockville, CT Doctor of Acupuncture JHS Growing up in Rockville and New Haven RB
146 2/18/2005 Schwartz, Miriam 1915 NY Owner, wonder weavers JHS, True Sisters Growing up in NY, business RZ
153 7/21/2005 Feen, Carl 1939 New Haven Entrepreneur   Life in New Haven, politics, business RZ
159 2/1/2006 Ludwig, Charles 1925 New Haven Printer BEKI, JHS Growing up in New Haven, WW II reminiscences RZ
160 2/15/2006 Krevit, Rita   Germany     WW II RZ
161 2/26/2006 Brockman, Herbert     Rabbi Mishkan Israel Background RB
164 5/25/2006 Lenny Margolis 11/25/1926 New Haven Athletic director & coach JCC Sports RZ
167 7/12/2006 Kantor, Linda (pt1)   Wash DC Photographer Tower 1, Tower East Founding of the towers, Wash DC RZ
  8/26/2006 Joseph Drabkin     Printer     Harvey Ladin
169 9/12/2006 Kantor, Linda (pt2)   Wash DC Photographer Tower 1, Tower East Casa Otonal RZ
170 9/25/2006 Goodwin, Paul (pt2)   New Haven Owner, steel co. BEKI Family, Goodwin Levins daycare center RZ
  9/25/2006 Goodwin, Paul           Roz Berman, RZ
Two interviews from ’06, ’04
  10/5/2006 Ruth Krawetz       Towers Towers U NH
  10/9/2006 Harold Levitz       Towers Towers U NH
  10/12/2006 Sidney Evans       Towers Towers U NH
171 10/11/2006 Vlock, Jay 10/30/1926 NY, NY CEO, Fox Steel co. Towers, JCC, Jew Fed Towers, family RZ
  10/12/2006 Janet Evans       Towers Towers U NH
  10/16/2006 Esther Zonenshine       Towers Towers U NH
  10/23/2006 Louis Nodelman       Towers Towers U NH
172 10/23/2006 Spielvogel, Sam 6/13/1920 Snirtyn, Poland Urban planner JCC Growing WW II Redevelopment RZ
  10/26/2006 Marilyn Platcow       Towers Towers U NH
  10/26/2006 Harold Pearlin       Towers Towers U NH
  10/30/2006 Alvin Sapadin       Towers Towers U NH
174 11/2/2006 Motloff, Abe 2/9/1914 New Haven Pharmacist JCC Westville syn Growing up in NH, Dharmacy RZ
  11/6/2006 Ethel Epstein       Towers Towers U NH
  11/9/2006 Henry Dobris       Towers Towers U NH
  11/13/2006 Sheldon Levine       Towers Towers U NH
  11/13/2006 Gerald Nacht       Towers Towers U NH
175 11/30/2006 Goodmaster, Edie 7/1/1930 New Haven Secretary, bookkeeper B’nai Jacob, ORT Sec. to Maurice Bailey RZ
  11/30/2006 Ina Seider       Towers Towers U NH
  2/15/2007 Joseph Dimow 4/3/1905 Bronx, NY        
  2/27/2007 Lillian Grossman            
  2/27/2007 Rena Miller       Towers Towers U NH
  3/1/2007 Judy Cohen            
  3/6/2007 Edith Eisen       Towers Towers U NH
  3/20/2007 Joseph Gale       Towers Towers U NH
  3/27/2007 Robert Prillig       Towers Towers U NH
  3/27/2007 Rita Krevit       Towers Towers U NH
  4/5/2007 Hilda C. Israel            
  4/10/2007 Lillian Fleischner       Towers Towers U NH
  4/10/2007 Ruth Rudnick       Towers Towers U NH
  4/17/2007 Florence Blosveren       Towers Towers U NH
  4/17/2007 Burton Wolsky       Towers Towers U NH
  4/17/2007 Edith Friedman       Towers Towers U NH
  4/19/2007 Harriet Stransky       Towers Towers U NH
180 4/24/2007 Cohen, Sidney 11/29/1924 New Haven Electrical engineer Mishkan Israel, JT Ann soup kitchen Growing up in New Haven RZ
4D 6/7/2007 Teitleman, Sam 1923 Havana, Cuba CPA Orchard St shul Growing up in New Haven RZ
5D 6/27/2007 Silverman, Bob 1/27/1930 New Haven Tailor & policeman Hebrew Luan, Hebrew Burim Growing up in New Haven RZ
  9/26/2007 Carl Feen   New Haven Finance   Growing up in Hew Haven RZ
  10/2/2007 Bernie Braverman            
  10/2/2007 Bella Braverman            
  10/8/2007 Norman Lish            
  10/9/2007 Rose Steinman       Towers Towers U NH
  10/9/2007 Martha Seldon       Towers Towers U NH
  10/17/2007 David Horowitz       Towers Towers U NH
  N.D. Alexander Heisner       Towers Towers U NH
  10/23/2007 Zelda Keller            
  10/26/2007 Werner Hirsch 3/6/1935 Aschaffenburg, Germany Electrical engineer JHS, Westville Syn JHS archives RZ
  10/29/2007 Anne Kaplan            
  10/31/2007 Julius Simon            
  11/5/2007 Jack Hillman            
  11/14/2007 Samuel Gell            
  11/20/2007 Bertha Levy            
  12/3/2007 Bernard Weiner            
  12/5/2007 Anthony+Ruth Caprio            
  12/14/2007 Ruth Lander Levy Cohen          
  12/15/2007 Miriam Gzeck            
  12/21/2007 Prof. Wm. Hallo 1928 Germany       RZ
  1/23/2008 Mal & Rae Webber M:1916, R:1920     ADL in CT RZ
  1/23/2008 Barbara Cushen 1938 Wash DC        
  2/12/2008 Judge G. Calabresi     Federal Judge     RZ, Dr. David Fischer
  2/13/2008 Harold Miller 1935 New Haven Accountant      
  3/27/2008 Ellis Ratner            
  4/7/2008 Soloman Greenspan            
  5/5&5/19/08 Lucille Alderman 1924 Bridgeport, CT       RZ
  5/1/2008 Lillian Fleischer            
  5/2/2008 Dr. Sydney Altman   Montreal, Canada Yale Professor     Dr. David Fischer
  7/18/2008 Mitzi Bargar 1927 Bronx, NY Registered Nurse     RZ
  10/15/2008 Helen Gometz            
  10/22/2008 Peter Goodman            
  10/29/2008 Blanche Sapadin            
  11/5/2008 Edward Rothchild            
  11/12/2008 Sam Kaplowitz 1912 New Haven Owner, Luncheonette    
  11/12/2008 Gertrude Lerman            
  11/19/2008 Edward Lerman            
  12/10/2008 Ada Katsoff            
  12/18/2008 Laura Levine 1919 West Haven, CT Retail      
  12/18/2008 Rita Melman 1927 New Haven Owner, Diet Center      
  2/4/2009 Larry Mitnick 1924 New Haven Retailer      
  2/16/2009 Edith Gillman 1924 Minneapolis Registered Nurse     RZ
  2/25/2009 Leila Goldberg            
  3/4/2009 Eleanor Lewis            
  4/24/2009 Rose Dubin 1923 Providence, RI Clerk     RZ
  7/1/2009 Marian Wexler 1929 New Haven     War Stories  
  9/7/2009 Ethel Jolson            
  10/8/2009 Ruth B. Grannick   New Haven Bridal Consultant     RZ
  11/13/2009 Sayard Stone 1920 New Hampshire Symphony Conductor   Al Harary
  1/12/2010 Marion Wexler   New Haven       RZ
  3/18/2010 Sydney Perry 1943 New Haven Jewish Educator     RZ
  5/12/2011 Marvin Bargar 1925 New Haven Manager, Manufacturing Co.   RZ
  10/21/2011 Murray Horwitz 1943 New Haven Lawyer      
  3/13/2012 Lee Liberman 1923 Springfield, MA Retailer     RZ
  10/10/2013 Josef Adler 1929 New Haven Stockbroker     RZ
  1/7/2014 Estelle Horowitz 1922 New Haven Secretary     RZ, Burton Levine
  1/14/2014 Fred+Bernice Gillman F:1921B:1927 B: New Haven B: Building Manager     RZ
  3/27/2014 Shulamith Chernoff   NY Poetess     RZ
  5/1/2014 Herbert Lewis   New Haven Doctor      
  same video Sydell Berman Friedman   New Haven        
  same video Marcia Berman Baum   New Haven        
  6/25/2014 Barbara Stein            
  11/20/2014 Dr. Barry Herman 1934 Newport, RI Educator     RZ
  12/11/2014 Lillian Ketainick 1924 New Haven Physical Therapist     RZ
  2/26/2015 Phyllis Medvedow   New Haven       RZ
  5/6/2015 Rabbi Murray Levine 1928 NY Rabbi     RZ
  5/15/2015 Samuel Faiman 1923 New Haven Real Estate Broker     RZ
  10/15/2015 Evalyn Cooperstock   1926 Bpt. Dress Store Owner   Israel Stories RZ
416 6/13/2016 Irving Perlmutter 1929 NY Lawyer     RZ
420 12/15/2016 Judith Ann Schiff 1937 NY Chief Research Archivist Yale Univ   RZ