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Workmen's Circle Band of New Haven

Are you curious about your family’s background in New Haven CT? How about the history of New Haven’s Jewish neighborhood, synagogues and organizations?

Our archives and archivists help people learn more about Jewish New Haven history as well as general New Haven history. Common questions we regularly research include births, deaths and weddings. Our extensive collection of photographs provides views of New Haven over the past century.

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WMHA of New Haven

Do you have documents, photos, videos, films or things that illustrate some aspect of Jewish life in New Haven?

Papers and objects that might not seem important to you, may help us fill in gaps in our collections and help us provide a fuller portrait of Jewish life in New Haven over the centuries. Talk with us about donating your material to our collection.

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The Who, How, & Why Now of Oral Histories

NOW ON A NEW DATE: Join us at 9:30 AM on Sunday, June 9th at the JCC of Greater New Haven for a series of conversations on oral history. A light breakfast will be served.

We’ll be joined by scholars Dr. Andy Horowitz, Connecticut State Historian, Dr. Fiona Vernal, director of Engaged, Public, Oral, and Community Histories, and special guest Kinneret Chiel. We will discuss the power of oral history and its role in transmitting the stories that shape our collective heritage. Engage with esteemed historians, storytellers, and community members as we explore the who, how, and why now of oral history with examples from our archives. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to preserve, celebrate, and learn from the voices of the past.

Register here! This event is free, but there’s a suggested donation of $18. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at


In Memoriam:
Ellen Ash Peters ז״ל
March 21, 1930 – April 17, 2024‎
Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court 1984-1996
Associate Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court 1978-2000
Born in Berlin in 1930, Ellen Peters fled Nazi persecution with her family, arriving in New York City in 1938. She received a law degree from Yale, becoming the first woman to earn tenure at Yale Law School. She was featured in our inaugural Judith Ann Schiff Women’s History Program for her groundbreaking career as a lawyer and judge; she was the first woman appointed to the Connecticut Supreme Court and the first woman to serve as Chief Justice. 
You can read more about her in this article from the CT Mirror.

Photographic History Presentation

JHSGNH’s Photographic History of Jewish New Haven has been presented to many synagogues in Greater New Haven including: Temple Emmanuel, Temple Beth Sholom, Mishkan Israel and B’nai Jacob. Please contact us if you would like the presentation for your synagogue or organization: call (203) 392-6125 or email us.

An Ethnic History of New Haven

A publication of The Ethnic Heritage Center of New Haven
Click to read or download the PDF document.

Judaica Project

JHSGNH and the Peter C. Hereld House for Jewish Life at Quinnipiac University are thrilled to present the Judaica Project! Please join us for monthly dialogues on Zoom about Judaica, Jewish art, and what these mean to you. This series is made possible by a generous grant from the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven.

Follow the links to view our past programs!

Wednesday 6/28 @ 2 pm: Rabbi Reena Judd’s Jewish Boxes

Thursday 7/13 @ 7 pm: Hannah Paperno on Thrifting Judaica

Thursday 8/24 @ 7 PM: Marci Pratt on Crafting Judaica

Thursday 10/19 @ 7 PM: Shtetl Baby on Material History

Thursday 11/16 @ 7 PM: Ruth Simon McRae on Judaic Textile Arts

Wednesday 12/13 @ 2 PM: Rabbi Reena Judd’s Menorah Collection

Thursday 1/18 @ 7 PM: Cynthia Beth Rubin on Digital Art with Hebrew Manuscripts

Sunday 2/11 @ 9:30 AM: Finding Your Own Jewish Genealogy with Dan Oren

Thursday 3/14 @ 7 PM: Judaic Art & Graphic Design

Thursday 4/18 @ 7 PM: L’dor V’dor Judaica with Emily Scheinfeld

In Memoriam:
Joseph Isadore Lieberman ז״ל
‎February 24, 1942 – March 27, 2024
Joe Lieberman picture
Democratic Candidate for Vice President 2000
U.S. Senator from Connecticut 1989 – 2013
Attorney General of Connecticut 1983 – 1989
Connecticut State Senator 1971 – 1981
Born in Stamford, CT, Lieberman spent a large part of his life in New Haven, where he attended Yale, practiced law, and worshipped at the Westville Synagogue and Bikur Cholim Sheveth Achim. Read more about his connection to the New Haven Jewish community in our publication, Jews in New Haven. He appears in volumes VIII, IX, and X. 

Jews In New Haven

Jews In New Haven Vol. 10

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Walk New Haven

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